July Reading


With all the hubbub of the writer’s conference, I forgot to mention how July reading went in the reading contest between my dad and I. It was tight last month, but I narrowly beat Dad in a mad race to the finish line! We both went on vacation at different times during July, so we had ample time to get massive amounts of reading done. As a result, it was a record-setting month for both of us.


Dad sent me a great quote this last week from one of his favorite bloggers, Tim Challies, about reading:

“Sometimes you need to do a lot of reading to come away with one really good idea. Some books yield nothing but nonsense; some yield nothing but ideas you have come across a thousands times before. But then, at last, you find that one that delivers. There is such joy in it. Such reward.”

This was a great reminder for me once again of why it is so important to read as a writer. Often, the great ideas we get for writing projects are born out of what we’ve been reading. Not every book will produce inspiration for our writing, but the ones that do are well worth the wait.

On a “resources” note, I am getting into audiobooks for the first time this month. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long. I have a commute that is ideal for audiobooks (meaning, lots of traffic). If you’re looking for a great way to get a hold of audiobooks, Overdrive Media Console hooks you up to your local library network and you can check out lots of great audiobooks on your device-of-choice for free!

How have you seen certain books or authors directly impact your writing? What advice would you give to a writer who is struggling to find time to read?


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