Summer Writing Goals


I am sorry for the long, unannounced break. I was assisting with a student production of Peter Pan that just ended this last weekend. While I had planned to continue blogging during this time, it proved to be too much working full time, going to rehearsals nightly, blogging regularly and maintaining any semblance of a personal writing habit in the mornings.

rock wall

So, I’m back. And…I have exciting news! I finished off my novel revision, in spite of the craziness, and sent it off to a few trusted friends for feedback. If you remember, my original deadline was May 31, and I ended up finishing revision on June 14. This was frustrating, as I am a “stick to deadlines” kind of person. However, done is done.  I can step away from this project for a little while.

So, time for new goals! Dostoyevsky said, “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” As writers, we cannot stop putting clear goals out there for ourselves. It fans the flame, and meeting even small goals can give us greater pluck to take on the bigger ones. In that spirit, here are a few of mine for the rest of the summer:

1) Write 500 words a day, 6 days per week. In waiting for my readers to work through my manuscript, there’s no better distraction than a new project. I need a break from my current novel as I’ve been staring at it for the last six months straight.

2) Blog 2-3x per week. Blogging helps to work out a lot of my thoughts about writing, and I trust it is helpful to you, as well! Plus, the discipline of putting out something regularly for the eyes of others can improve writing skills.

3) Prepare Writers Conference Pitch. I am planning to attend the Willamette Writers Conference in August, and this will be my first time to pitch. Yikes!! I am so excited and also incredibly nervous. In all honesty, this has more to do with conquering fear than signing with an agent (but of course, I wouldn’t mind that either!).

In other news, Dad beat me again in reading this last month. If I have any hopes of winning the grand prize of a Cadillac Eldorado at the end of the year, I’ve got to bring it to a whole new level this month. His voracious reading is simultaneously the bane of my existence and a source of great inspiration.

That’s it for now. What are some of your writing goals this summer? I’d love to hear. If you like, share in the comments below!


One thought on “Summer Writing Goals

  1. Mama

    Even though I’m not a part of the reading contest, or writing anything in particular, you inspire me to set some other kinds of goals for the summer! Proud of you.

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