March Reading


This was my view of the sunrise a couple days ago. I always sit at this table in the corner of the coffee shop when I write. Sometimes, I am treated to views like this.


Well, the totals are in for the month, and Dad emerged victorious. My dad and I are doing a reading contest which started at the beginning of the year, and we check in monthly, comparing page numbers to find out who’s ahead.

We both read over 1,000 pages in March, so needless to say, things are getting pretty hard core (for us anyway). Reading can be difficult to make time for, and there’s always an excuse to do something else, but honestly, if you want to be a writer, you can’t make it very far without having a serious addiction to the written word.

Here are some handy tips I’ve found to keep the reading habit alive:

1) Set a specific time for it. I read before bed or on my lunch hour. Also, I just make a habit of carrying a book with me everywhere. With e-readers now, it’s easy to have something handy wherever you go. Read in line, read in a waiting room, read when you’re waiting for someone else. Predetermine you will use those unexpected pockets of time not to check social media or email, but to read.

2) Read what you enjoy. I used to put such pressure on myself to read only “practical” or “useful” things, or just “pithy” literature, but I got burned out trying to sustain that. When I gave in to reading what I enjoy, I found my appetite for reading only increased.

3) Mix it up. Bearing #2 in mind above, I also try to keep a healthy rotation going. Weighty books, light books, fat books, thin books, old books, new books, fiction, nonfiction, etc. You get the picture. Keep it fresh, keep it varied.

4) Read with somebody. I don’t just mean read aloud together (although that can also be a terrific experience), but keep each other accountable in your reading. Set some goals. Meet them. Set some new ones. Share the highlights of what you’re reading with each other.

I hope you’re inspired in your reading, and as you continue to devour books, you are fueled in your own writing journey. Are there any books you’ve read lately that you’d recommend? Feel free to share them in the comments below!





One thought on “March Reading

  1. Dad

    It was a good and varied month of reading. I finished Extreme Grandparenting on the recommendation of a friend. I read All Joy No Fun, a book about parenting from a secular perspective just because it looked interesting. I also read Dogfight: Google vs. Apple. I read that because I saw it on the shelf at the library in the new book section. I have wanted to know for sometime why Google and Apple go at it so viciously. Now I know. It also confirms why I use an Android phone and not an I Phone 🙂

    Having a reading contest with you in 2014 has helped me to watch less sports and read much more than I normally would. Now I find myself asking other people what they are reading. Who knows, it may end up being my next book on hold at the library.

    Love you and love your blog,

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