Why do I Write?


This painting is my favorite piece of art that I own. I rescued it from a garage sale, proclaiming it as magnificent to many bewildered bystanders, and it now hangs in my bedroom. No one else seems to agree with my assessment, but that’s okay. In my opinion, it’s imaginative, and the Alice in Wonderland quality of it makes me happy.


I feel this way with writing sometimes. Well, maybe a lot of the time. Others may not understand, they may not see why you sit hunched over your computer day after day, banging away at the keyboard like a crazed looney. Once they see your work, they may not even ‘get it.’ It seems like an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears with very little to show for your pain.

So, why write?

1) For Happiness – like my mushroom painting, no one else has to understand it. That painting simply makes me happy and that is enough. The best by-product of pursuing the writing life is that I derive happiness from the ritual of writing on a regular basis.

2) For Understanding – Flannery O’ Connor once said “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” Yes! In writing, there is processing, and this is glorious. When I write, the ‘real me’ comes out, the one that is tumbling around inside my head all day needing to escape.

3) For Others – Have you ever thought about the fact that certain people need to hear the stories you have to share? My writing is not all about me. The power of sharing what I write can create an amazing ripple effect in people’s lives.

Why do you write? I’d love to hear about the core motivations that keep you returning to the desk day after day!

Also, I just updated my Resources Page, so feel free to have a peek!




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