Maximize Your Write Time


If you’re like me, you have a full-time job, and writing is squeezed into the small spaces of your life. This is not such a bad thing, because if you truly love to write and you’re committed to improving, you’re going to carve out the time to make your writing happen no matter what.


So, the big question: how do you maximize that time? Like sand through an hourglass, those moments slip away fast and there’s no getting them back. Here’s a few things I’ve found helpful:

1) Know what you need. I sit down armed with a cup of coffee, my laptop, my earbuds and my notebook. Figure out what needs to be at your desk/table/chair, etc. and have it ready to go. I pack my laptop bag every night before going to bed so I can grab it in the morning and head out the door.

2) Come in mentally prepared. If you think about your writing projects when you’re away from the desk, you already know what needs to get done that day. When you can’t be writing, ponder what you will be writing and bring those thoughts and ideas to the desk with you.

3) Just say no. There is nothing else you need to do during your writing time. Repeat after me. Nothing else. Don’t let sneaky (or maybe not-so-sneaky) thieves come in and steal those precious minutes. Banish Facebook, Twitter and all of their social media cousins to another part of your day.

4) Embrace the pressure. Use the fact that you only have a limited amount of time to your advantage. Focus in, drill down and give it everything you’ve got. It’s not surprising that sometimes, I get more writing done and the quality actually seems better when I have less time.

Life is short. Write it up!


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